Services and Programs Overview

Don Dunoon’s services and programs – all of which are provided via web-conferencing as well as face-to-face – include:
Leadership Practice For Unsettled Times
Designed for managers who need to bring about change and improvement in their work areas and beyond, as well as others who have a change-oriented role but don’t manage people directly.
Leadership Practice For Unsettled Times
Help your executive team practise leadership – as well as management – to better clarify and achieve core goals for your organisation.  We practice different ways of opening-up and making sense of critical challenges, especially strategic challenges, for your group.
Coaching for Leadership Practice
One-on-one coaching for helping executives, managers and professionals better practise leadership – as well as management – through opening-up possibilities for thinking and acting differently with specific issues and challenges they face. 
Better Conversations and Feedback Management Training

A high-impact, dynamic and flexible face-to-face or virtual program to build your people’s capabilities in engaging more safely and authentically on critical challenges.

Dialogue For Change - Management Training

I work with you to design and develop a process that’s sensitive to your needs and context - thinking about your objectives, desired outcomes, who you wish to involve, and any parameters you need to work within.

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