“Chosen as a Required Textbook”

Dr. James Freemyer, Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University

Don Dunoon’s book In the Leadership Mode was chosen as one of the required textbooks for the course Change, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the doctorate of leadership program at Indiana Wesleyan University in the United States because it provides a sound structure for addressing leadership issues when followers are hesitant to change.  Resistance to change is common place in today fast-changing environment and Dunoon’s book provides an effective structure for addressing contentious issues.  Students have been very complimentary of the positive impact the book has had upon their leadership framework.  Testimonies include the following:

College Professor

Dunoon’s genius lies in his concept of learning-centered leadership that positions leaders to learn their way through contentious issues using the ARIES framework (attending, reflecting, inquiring, expressing, and synthesizing). The framework allows leaders to go below the surface issues and determine what lies beneath the surface uncovering issues related to the culture of the organization.

David Vardaman

Medical Administrator

Dunoon’s (2008) ARIES framework provides a theoretical foundation for addressing contentious issues in the workplace that is easy to comprehend and assists leaders in engaging more effectively with followers to achieve optimal solutions to the contentious issues.

Damita Williams

School Superintendent

I like In the Leadership Mode because it is a fresh approach to leadership issues. The book challenges the reader to consider the concept of leadership that does not revolve around one person but rather a “higher-level of leadership” where process and people are valued.

Margie Baldwin

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