Don offers a range of courses and coaching services, all of them conducted virtually or (depending on location) face to face:

Change Conversations: Safer, Clearer, More Authentic

Change Conversations courses

Shift the dial on the quality of change-related conversation, for improved results! Change Conversations: Safer, Clearer, More Authentic comes in general and healthcare versions. These in-organisation courses combine punchy and engaging e-learning modules and live, collaborative peer learning sessions. Both versions involve 1.5 days learning spread over 3 months.

Developing Leadership Course

Developing Your Leadership Practice

A flexible in-company course designed to build participants’ capabilities in productively and safely tackling tough challenges and, in so doing, releasing more of the available energy and intelligence around them to advance change.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching in Applying Leadership

I help coaching clients ‘step in’ with difficult (thorny, sticky) challenges they face, to practise leadership for building shared understandings with stakeholders, and action for outcomes.

360 Degree Feedback course

360 Degree Feedback

Structured feedback from direct reports, peers, managers – and potentially customers and other stakeholders – is a powerful catalyst for helping people reflect on their practice of leadership and management and identify areas for change and improvement. I partner with Leaderskill Group Pty Ltd, finding their unique approach to feedback is greatly appreciated by clients.