Reflecting my professional passions, I have organised these resources into two groups, the first relating to OBREAU (the OBREAU conversation model), and the second to leadership. The resources, including articles, videos, webinars and slideshows, are generally organised chronologically within each group (though with one exception to keep like items together). I trust you will find these resources useful.


In case you’re new to OBREAU, the term represents the first two letters each of Observation, Reasonableness and Authenticity.

Note that some of the resources here that go back a few years refer to the ‘Obreau Tripod’. These days I capitalise OBREAU and refer mainly to the OBREAU conversation model, which I think is clearer, though the image of OBREAU as a tripod is still one that I find most useful.

Mindful OD Practice and the Obreau Tripod

Some OD-related literature tends to present a dichotomy between positively-oriented approaches - which look to the future and strengths that can be built upon –and problem-based approaches, grounded in established OD diagnostic processes.


The two-part animated video at these links (total running time about 7 minutes) is an explainer video I had produced back in 2014 to introduce and illustrate the basic OBREAU concepts.

Webinar for ASQ Human Development and Leadership 27 June 2018

Following a workshop I co-presented at the 2018 World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Seattle (and which was one of the highest rated sessions at the conference), I gave this webinar to the ASQ (American Society for Quality’s) Human Development and Leadership group.


Mindfulness and Leadership

This article, which I co-wrote with acclaimed Harvard psychology professor, Ellen Langer, draws on her decades of research on mindfulness (in the sense of noticing new things, rather than meditation-based practices) and my own ideas about leadership as a form of in-the-moment action to build shared understandings for change.

Let’s Talk!

I work with clients and colleagues all over the world; and with web-conferencing technologies it’s easy to connect and stay in touch. So, no matter where you are, if you’re interested in discussing or applying any of the ideas or tools described on this site, or the services I offer, let’s talk.

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