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I’m Here To Help

I work with clients and colleagues all over the world; and with web-conferencing, it’s easy to connect and stay in touch. So, no matter where you are, if you’re interested in discussing or applying any of the ideas or tools described on this site, let’s talk.

I also have a second site,, which is the new home of the OBREAU conversation model (Observation, Reasonableness, Authenticity) and work conversation-based courses I offer.

The basic OBREAU model is available free of charge for anyone to use under Creative Commons licensing (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International . This includes the Dialogue with OBREAU method designed to assist groups in exploring thorny, sticky issues, to build shared meaning for change.

Please note, however, that the training courses I offer, on this site and the Better Work Conversations site, are all strictly proprietary materials of my company New Futures Pty Ltd, all rights reserved.

If you have a query about whether a particular application of OBREAU fits within the licensing provisions, please make contact directly. You can use the form on this page.

Kindly also use the form if you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, webinar, coaching assignment, or leadership development program.

I also welcome enquiries to discuss In the Leadership Mode and its application in teaching and leadership development programs. I am available to present one-off classes and seminars, and promise that I will spark much engagement, interest and enthusiasm amongst your students or program participants.

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Some Kind Words from a Respected Client

In 2021 I presented (remotely) at the annual conference of the International Leadership Association on an Emerging Leaders program I had developed and run each year since 2017 with NSW Health Pathology. At the time of my presentation, NSWHP Chief Executive, Tracey McCosker, kindly provided the testimonial statement below about the Emerging Leaders program…

Our Emerging Leaders program is fundamental to ensuring we have strong, capable and authentic leaders in NSWHP into the future. It gives them an understanding of the challenges and the privilege of leadership. The program gives our emerging leaders the tools and the space to grow both personally and professionally in their approach to leading people through complex and difficult circumstances, in a caring and considered way. They learn how to observe, listen and reflect before they act. It gives them confidence to have the difficult conversations and make the difficult decisions when required. This program is supported by the Executive as we get to know our future leaders and see them step into new roles. It is also enjoyed by the staff who appreciate the insight into what it means to be a leader in NSWHP and make a positive contribution in the lives of others.

Tracey McCosker

Tracey McCosker