Change Conversations: Safer, Clearer, More Authentic – in both general and healthcare versions – is designed to help people at any level and in any role engage with others safely and productively to clarify the shifts needed and bring them to fruition.

The success of many change efforts is obviously mixed, at best. Yet the prospects for successful change – whatever the variety – can be enhanced by helping people develop the skills, including mindset skills, to converse with others safely and more openly about change-related topics, and especially those associated with the more human aspects.

Each of the two course versions are offered in-organisation to strengthen participant’s abilities in having needed conversations relating to any aspect of change and to do so with greater safety, clarity and authenticity. As well as learning practical skills, participants will develop personally and professionally.

Both the general (business/government/NGO) and healthcare versions involve the equivalent of 1.5 days of learning over 3 months. Short, sharp and engaging e-learning modules and combined with monthly 90-minute live virtual peer learning meetings.

Each of the course versions is described more fully on my companion website: The links below will take you to the relevant pages.

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Contact us to talk about running or adapting Change Conversations: Safer, Clearer, More Authentic – either the general or healthcare version – for your organisation, or to ask about arranging a free-of-charge preview of the online modules (available for internal learning and development specialists).