Aries Case Stories

Before getting started, and if you haven’t done so already, you might look at the ARIES Analysis and Tools page, to get a feel for the components of ARIES as illustrated here. 

Over time this page will increasingly present a range of case stories to demonstrate the applications of ARIES as a set of practices and tools for better making sense of present realities and preferred futures with contentious problems. (The term “case stories” is intended to signal that these cases are not put forward as reportage of actual events. They are dramatizations, albeit usually with some genesis in actual issues, designed to illustrate various aspects of the framework.)

While the cases to be presented here will generally be fairly well worked-up, this is intentional so as to demonstrate the potential power of ARIES as a toolkit for diagnosing issues and framing possible interventions.

In your own use of ARIES, however, there is no need to go to great lengths to write-up cases as done here.

The whole point of using the ARIES framework is to stretch your thinking in different directions and to open-up possibilities that might not otherwise leap out at you.

Often, simply making a few notes under each of the various headings can be enough to achieve this objective. As you become more skilled and begin to internalize aspects of the framework, you may be able to make use of a least parts of it without making any notes at all!

Your comments and feedback on ARIES – and on your experiences of using it are welcome. Please submit these via the form on the contact page.

As indicated at the bottom of this page, ARIES is made available via Creative Commons licensing, specifically an Attribution, Non-Commercial Share Alike license. Permission requests to use the ARIES Framework in ways not covered by the license – for example, to adapt it for your organization’s intranet – can be submitted via the Contact and Permissions page.

Case stories




Business Eric and the Client Service Issue Eric, a team leader in the technology sector, is trying to understand the issues to do with a client complaint of unsatisfactory service


Masters Programs at Crunch Point?
Heather, a university head of school, is seeking to achieve change with two masters degree programs, to meet her dean’s budget requirements. However, her efforts at engaging with the program directors have not gone well.


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