Coaching for Leadership Practice

I help coaching clients ‘step in’ with difficult leadership-related challenges they face.

Coaching for Leadership Practice
I help coaching clients ‘step in’ with difficult leadership-related challenges they face.

A great many coaches promote their services, but I think you’ll find my approach to be different. I focus on helping executives, managers and professionals better practise leadership – as well as management – through opening-up possibilities for thinking and acting differently with specific issues and challenges they face. 

At the end of each session, I’ll ask you to commit to one or more follow-though actions, which we will review in the next session.

Ordinarily, I work in blocks of 3 x 1-hour sessions, with a review at the end of the first set. Sessions are conducted via video conferencing at two-week or monthly intervals – or some other mutually-agreed arrangement – depending on client needs.

Prior to beginning coaching with a new client, I meet with them, in a 30-minute, free-of-charge session, to learn about their needs, explain my approach, and allow the person to assess the fit between the two.

How Can This Program Assist You?

This work includes assisting the coaching client to:

  • Consider the purpose they are seeking to fulfil in the current situation and their vision for it (what it would ‘look like’ if successfully achieved) 
  • Recognise their own default behaviours (comfort zone) and practise stepping beyond this
  • Work at ‘noticing’ before ‘locking-in’ to interpretations and conclusions, to increase awareness of different possible understandings of the situation
  • Contemplate others’ possible perspectives to gain an expanded, more complex and nuanced understanding of an issue, as well as a more empathic appreciation of what might be real for others
  • Take a ‘deep dive’ into what is true for them personally regarding the issue: What might be their own assumptions, interests, feelings and knowledge?
  • Think through and rehearse possible interventions and actions they might take, whether leadership or management oriented (or both) to bring about change and improvement
  • Reflect on experience, results and learning, and plan for further interventions.

Who Can This Program Assist?

You might find my approach especially helpful if any of the following are true for you:

  • You’re an executive or manager facing one or more challenges/issues, broadly that have human and change components
  • You’re not making as much progress as you’d like with these challenges
  • You’d like to develop your practice of leadership as well as management
  • You’d like to learn, and gain experience with, tools and methods you can apply in different situations over time
  • You’re willing to reflect on your own practice, and to try different approaches.

If my approach sounds like it could work for you, why not get in touch with me and arrange an obligation-free chat?

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