In the leadership mode book coverA usefully different approach to leadership

It’s time for a distinctively different approach to leadership. In the Leadership Mode, by Don Dunoon, puts “on hold” conventional ideas about leaders, authority, and influence, and views leadership as centered in learning processes and as usefully distinguished from management. This framing of leadership emphasizes specific, in-the-moment interventions toward achieving change with contentious problems (those that are viewed differently by stakeholders). The proposition is that this approach can enable more people to exercise leadership, release previously untapped intelligence for working through problems, and make possible a truer focus on leadership work as differentiated from management.

Outlines of some of the key concepts are at the following pages:

Learning-centered leadership
Leadership-mode intervention
The leadership-management relationship

A Framework for Action

In the Leadership Mode presents a framework for putting the concepts into action. ARIES — Attending, Reflecting, Inquiring, Expressing, and Synthesizing— is, at one level, a set of practices for enacting this different leadership form. At a second level, ARIES refers to a suite of tools that practitioners can apply to help in making sense of a contentious problem and in intervening productively.

Extract from the Foreword

Dr. Iva Wilson, retired President of Philips Display Components and who was First President of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL).

“Reading Don’s book truly opened my eyes relative to my own leadership style, particularly with respect to the ways in which I went about my work as president of Philips Display Components…I am strongly recommending this book to all those who are serious about making positive and lasting changes in their way of leading.”

Review Extracts

“I am excited about the content of the book In the Leadership Mode. The book captures a key component essential for effective leadership: connecting with and understanding followers. Some of my failures in the leadership realm could have been avoided had I better understood and applied these principles. It is rarely enough to ask followers their opinion on a new initiative and then move forward. Don provides a concise approach that allows leaders to probe, reflect, and substantiate just how the organizational culture impacts followership response to contentious issues and change initiatives. A leader's success working through contentious issues may hinge on understanding these cogent principles. A must read for all leaders.”

- Prof Jim Freemyer of Indiana Wesleyan University, published on In the Leadership Mode’s Amazon page
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“Dunoon not only explains his new leadership mode, but also describes how to get into it, all the while mercifully free of a sustained focus on self-awareness, replacing this with a cogent argument for individual contributions to group learning. I thought the book was the most accessible and refreshing text on leadership I’ve read for a long time, and I’ll wager you will too. Highly recommended.”

- From a review by Ian McCallum published in The Australian Library Journal,
Vol 58, No 2, May 2009, pp.202-3
Read the full McCallum review here.

“This is a thorough book that presents detailed arguments based on the author’s own experience and the work of a number of gurus such as Chris Argyris and Peter Senge. (The impressive range of sources is well-researched and referenced.) It is relatively easy to read and it really makes you examine your own assumptions about leadership and what makes a “leader”.”

- From a review by Rodney Gray published in the magazine Strategic Communication Management.
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Downloads: Introduction and Foreword

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Download the Introduction, “Outlines of a Usefully Different Leadership” (PDF) pdf icon here

Book Details

Published by Trafford Publishing; October 2008; 242 pages; quality trade paperback (soft cover); catalogue #08-0160; ISBN 1-4251-6376-9; US$32.50.
Edited by JoAnne O'Brien-Levin, Ph.D.; Foreword by Iva Wilson Ph.D.; Cover Design and Artwork by Ingo Voss; Designed by Linda Maclean.

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